See what our clients have to say about working with the team at Lakeshore Psychology Services.

I have been a client of Dr. Lee for many years now. He has been instrumental in my healing process from past issues from my childhood. More recently he has supported my personal growth and efforts to enhance my quality of life. He is professional and creates a trusting, lighthearted and enlightening experience. Not often do people have such a positive impact on your life and healing.


My 12 year old son started seeing Michael Kemp only a couple of months ago, and the positive impact was immediate. As parents we are very grateful for Michaels intelligent, kind and unique approach. My son has had a negative attitude about school for some time, which came about largely based on a few ongoing academic challenges. Michael’s support, counsel, communication and advocacy quickly helped bring about sustainable growth and new hope across all involved, both home and school. Teamwork and communication with the school improved quickly, and my sons attitude and academic results improved rapidly as well. It truly felt like a miracle. Much gratitude to you Michael for your support and the positive results!

Jennifer s.

Dr. Lee is the absolute best to work with! He is very intuitive, easy to talk to, has a great sense of humor and very down to earth. He is very knowledgeable in many areas that allows him to have a different perspective and approach. He has a way of connecting with you that you just don’t find in many people. Dr. Lee truly cares about his patients and strives to give you the right tools to heal you on your journey through life. He is certainly one of a kind!


Dr. Lee Hildebrand provided life-changing insight, knowledge, and care to assist me with important realizations and personal growth over the past year. Lakeshore Psychology Services is a quality and well-run clinic.

angelique c.

She (Dr. Berger) helped me realize that none of us are perfect, but that's ok...I am enough just as I am. She gave me coping tools to use on those insecurities, that lack of confidence, anxiety and so many more dark thoughts I had about myself. I'm learning to love myself first and that's called healing...finding peace. <3


Dr. Lee is an absolutely amazing man who listens intently and offers many great ways to better your life. He is caring, compassionate, and speaks to you on the same level. I would highly recommend using his services. He has done nothing but great things for me and my family.

Craig p.

I have had the best experience going to Dr. Lee. I started coming to him when I realized that my anxiety was becoming invasive to my daily life. I am so thankful I started when I did. He makes it easy to talk about anything, makes you feel understood, and genuinely listens. Although I plan to continue to meet with him to keep improving, he has already shown me several ways to manage my moods, emotions, and understand myself on a deeper level. I have had experience with other therapists but haven’t been able to truly connect or feel comfortable with anyone besides Dr. Lee. I highly recommend meeting with him even if you don’t necessarily feel like you need to, I leave every session feeling rejuvenated, positive, and motivated to live my best life.

Nina K.

Valuable in a truly life changing way from the very beginning, this is how I would describe my experience with Dr. Lee Hildebrand. Balancing life’s demands as a parent of 3 and a bank executive, I recognized if I wanted to manage it all to the best of my ability, I needed guidance and expertise. Dr. Lee H. made it simple to get started, and I immediately felt the relief of being understood and supported. Ultimately through his insight, encouragement and ability to coach me forward, I transformed my entire life well beyond my expectations; parenting, career, relational, spirituality and fitness. Also, when my son began having educational/emotional issues in school, Dr. H. quickly pulled in Emily, another experienced child counselor from his team to support my son. This integration of care was so effective we saw immediate improvement, instantly relieving school and home pressure. Life can be difficult and/or complicated. Dr Lee H. and his team have a uniquely caring and purposeful approach, giving me and my family a path to sustainable peace, hope and growth for which I will always be grateful!

Jennifer S.

I cannot say enough about my time with Dr. Lee Hildebrand at Lakeshore Psychology. Not only has he seen my husband and I for marriage and individual counseling, but he has also worked with my teenage daughter. God has given him special gifts of patience, understanding, and relatability along with a genuine interest in the life and healing of each of his patients.... or at least in my own family's experience:)

I have always been leary about counselors, but Dr. Lee changed my mindset and has brought me to feel comfort and safety as soon as I walk through his door - Something that is priceless when going through the waters of life!

If your on the fence and or searching for real help, its worth the jump over for a visit. I'm so grateful that I was led to Dr. LEE and my hope is that I can help lead others here also!

Windy h.

Lakeshore Psychology Service is excellent. I really recommend and trust them. They are knowledgeable, caring and passionate about helping others. if you are looking for some counseling please don’t hesitate to give them a call. You are in great hands.

anna b.

You don’t need to come here knowing what you’re looking for. You will find whatever it is that you need, both practical and transcendent. Drs. Lee and Laura are unflinching in their acceptance and unique in their insight. Just bring your body on in.

charity m.

Lakeshore Psychology has a wonderfully inviting, relaxing office in an extremely convenient location. The compassionate and qualified staff is diverse and able to accommodate any need. We have had nothing but exemplary experiences with Lakeshore Psychology Services. They are an absolute asset to our community.

kathy c.

Dr. Berger is an amazing psychologist, life coach, and friend. Her combination of practical and theoretical knowledge is exceptional and her wisdom, optimism, and caring nature is appreciated more than words can describe. Working with Dr. Berger is a blessing and I highly recommend her.


I can’t even begin to explain the life changing difference that Dr. Lee has been able to provide me with. With a very loving and warm/accepting environment, you are bound to see an immense change if you put in the work needed :) Thank you for the foundational changes we have been able to make and will continue to make!

Avery A.

Absolutely amazing services and amazing life coaches. They really go above and beyond in the help they offer. Everyone who works here is an amazing individual.

kasia a.

Talking with Janna is like talking to a dear friend. She's a wonderful listener and draws out real, insightful self-reflection. I finished each session with a smile and feelings of gratitude, purpose, and lightness.


Dr. Lee Hildebrand is an outstanding Psychologist and Coach. He listens actively and offers sensitive guidance. I recommend him to individuals seeking counseling, as well as to entities considering employee seminars.


Dr. Lee is compassionate and kind. I highly recommend working with him and his team at Lakeshore!


After struggling for several months to deal with a very difficult family situation by myself, I finally called Lakeshore and was scheduled with Dr. Gisela Berger. Halfway through the appointment, I was already wondering why I didn’t call sooner.

Dr. Berger is gentle, humorous, and helped redirect me back to me and my strengths, rather than worrying about the miserable situation surrounding me. I went from being angry all the time to understanding the issue wasn’t something that I could “fix,” and the best thing to do is just take care of myself and see my own value. Each time I left with something to think about and work on, so my situation continued to improve, even between appointments.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Berger and Lakeshore to anyone. Sometimes you just need a knowledgeable, interested third party to talk to. I am so glad I did.


Dr. Hildebrand's videos are much like his wise counseling - How do we get along for the sake of the family during and after divorce if we couldn't get along all those years of marriage? He said, "Don't talk about the past, you're not in therapy anymore, just move forward." Therapy helped us understand that my expectations were beyond my husband's capacity, and his expectations were beyond my capacity. With this acceptance, we discovered the capacity to work together through divorce by mediation, to share time with our kids in the same house on weekends, and to be happy for each other as we reclaim our individual identities. We are better parents now because we are better people now. Thank you for your help, Lee.