Episode 5: How to Talk to Teens More Effectively With Dr. Gisela Berger


Hosted By: Jeremy Schumacher, MA, LMFT with Gisela Berger, PhD, LPC

Jeremy and Dr. Berger are back talking about parenting teens. We discuss what makes it difficult to communicate with teens, how to work best with their development, and tips for successfully launching them into adulthood.

Episode 3: Resolving New Year's Resolutions with Dr. Lee Hildebrand


Hosted By: Dr. Lee Hildebrand & Jeremy Schumacher, MA, LMFT

Jeremy and Dr. Lee sit down to discuss the good and the bad of New Year's resolutions. We discuss what healthy goal setting looks like, how to set realistic expectations, and how to feel motivated when we hit a brick wall during behavior change. Also, we address who is the best basketball player of all time! Apologies to Giannis if he's listening. 

Episode 4: Stress Relief Basics with Jeremy Schumacher


Hosted By: Jeremy Schumacher, MA, LMFT

Jeremy talks big picture about stress relief basics and shares insights into how shape stress management in your life. It goes from big picture down to include specifics and practical examples for everyday life.

Episode 2: Family Systems With Dr. Gisela Berger


Hosted By: Jeremy Schumacher, MA, LMFT

Jeremy Schumacher is joined by the amazing Dr Berger to nerd out talking about family systems! We discuss genograms, how family of origin effects our current relationships, and how therapy can help when family systems get messy!