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Professional Consultation


Dr. Lee Hildebrand - I have run multiple businesses from the top down for the last several decades, including a community organization and real estate investment business with over 100 buildings. I have assisted businesses at many levels to evaluate their mission, culture, communication, and execution to produce optimal results. I offer consultation based on my experience as a psychologist, coach, and long-term owner of businesses in multiple industries. I provide expertise related to leadership, management, communication, employee morale and culture, budgeting, and conflict resolution. I will custom tailor my approach through management meetings, seminars, focus groups, and other tools to assist your business in overcoming obstacles and thinking intentionally about fulfilling your mission and goals.

I have also provided consultation to universities, school systems, pastors, educators, and other organizations to assist with problem solving and goal attainment.

Professional Speaking & Seminars

Dr. Lee Hildebrand: I have provided professional speaking for several decades to a variety of audiences, including seminars, keynotes, radio shows, and motivational talks. I have spoken at universities, camps, school systems, churches, and professional organizations. I seek to be dynamic, interactive with audiences, and prepared with the latest research on various topics. I also custom tailor my talks to the specific audience that I am seeking to serve.

Example Topics

  • The Journey of Marriage (a couple’s seminar): The Journey of Marriage Seminar is offered to couples seeking growth, revitalization, or complete restoration in their marriages based on proven principles. Couples receive a professional perspective, specific communication tools, and guidance from the facilitators during interactions with their spouse and other couples to apply the lessons to their own unique relationship. Each seminar is intimate and involves no more than 20 to 25 couples. This limited size provides couples with individual interactions, instruction, and guidance from the facilitators. The seminar is conducted in a variety of settings and available in two formats. Hosting organizations can choose between a Judeo-Christian faith-based perspective, or a more general perspective):
    • Weekend Seminar: This consists of Friday evening from 6 PM to 9 PM and Saturday morning from 8 AM to 3pm.
    • 12 Week Seminar: This option consists of 12 weekly evening sessions lasting for 90 minutes each. The sessions are most often held during evenings and provide couples with an opportunity to practice seminar principles during the week in between sessions.
  • Understanding the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Learners
  • How to Break the Chain: How Porn Affects the Brain and True Recovery
  • Coping in the Present: The Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation
  • The Nature of Addictions: How to Understand the Roots and Get Help
  • Conflict Management Styles: What is Yours
  • Understanding the Nature of True Leadership
  • Success: Learning the Art of Adding Value
  • Maintaining Motivation, Managing Stress, and Navigating Relationships in Career Transition
  • Turning Over the Stones: The Psychological Art of Career Change
  • Protecting Your Marriage Through Effective Communication

*Note: these are examples from previous talks. I offer a free consult to discuss tailoring a talk designed according to the specific needs of your audience.

What People Have to Say About Dr. Lee Hildebrand

“I was a huge fan of this session”

“Balance is so important to a lasting career in any field, but especially ours”

“Dr. Hildebrand’s tips for stress relief and relaxation have really helped me – I do several of them to this day and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon”

“Glad that the Firm normalized these topics”

“Useful session”

“The most dynamic and enjoyable of all the presenters that we had”

“No improvements, just more sessions like this!”

“Dr. Hildebrand provided some great, realistic ideas about how to manage stress in our careers”

“I really like this session”