Despite Winter’s best efforts to hold on, Spring really is coming, at least according to the calendar! At this time of renewal and earth’s regeneration, it is good to look at ourselves and ways we can renew. One of the best ways to renew is to look at ourselves spiritually. This is, of course, quite different than renewing ourselves religiously. I would like to take a look at the ways we can use our spirituality. 

In fact, the word renew can be defined as "changing into something new and different, something better." That really sums up that we were remade into something better. For some, it may have been quite a struggle to remove the old self and totally renovate our lives. 

When you feel like you’ve been skimming the surface of life, it is likely a sign you could use a reboot. Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut can put a damper on even the most awesome life; however, spiritual stagnation can also give you the motivation you need to refresh yourself and recommit to a journey of profound inner growth. 

For ages, human beings have longed to know their true nature. Your spirituality can be defined as your relationship to your truest Self and the Universal God-consciousness that unites all beings. Spirituality is a lifelong pursuit, and depending on your season of life, it might be time to step back and fall back in love with how you connect to God and achieve a renewed spirit. Even longtime spiritual practices get tired, as it’s common to reach a plateau and to yearn for something more. 

Just like repeating the same exercises at the gym day after day would eventually reach its limit of effectiveness, it is important that your spiritual life feel exciting, challenging, and supportive to the person you are today. Once you have renewed yourself spiritually, it can feel as if you have taken a fresh breath of clean air after living in a windowless room. 

The first step to energizing yourself is to make a decision to do so. If you wanted to, say, get a massage, you would have to make the effort to get yourself to the spa, not just hope that a massage therapist would show up in your path, begging you to receive some bodywork. No, you would carve out the time, make an appointment, and get yourself to that massage table. Similarly, just hoping you feel a new sense of inspiration in your personal practice is not going to render results. Committing to your intention, preferably in writing, and being willing to put in the effort is the only way to achieve your desires. Let that be your starting point, and the rest will unfold as it is meant to. 

Here are some ways to accomplish spiritual renewal, once you’ve decided to do so: 

  1. Choose to embark on a journey of spiritual renewal.

Schedule time for yourself and commit to it. Remind yourself that you don’t “find” time, and you don’t even make it. You identify it, put borders around it, and make it an appointment with yourself. 

You can do this by going on a retreat, being of service (volunteering works wonders here), immersing yourself in nature, taking a class, or journaling your gratitude. 

  1. Leave space for the “magic.”

Once you have decided that your spirit longs for renewal, make that appointment with yourself and keep the commitment. 

If you feel at a loss of where to start or how to even begin the journey, reach out to us. We can help with those first steps!