Dr. Gisela Berger

Contact Dr. Berger: 414-469-5784

  • Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Wisconsin; Master Addiction Counselor (MAC); National Certified Counselor (NCC)
  • Counseling Specialties: I offer family therapy for adults, as well as individual therapy for chemical addictions (e.g., alcohol, marijuana, and opiates), long-term recovery; co-occurring disorders (mental health issues along with chemical addiction), depression, anxiety, ADHD, grief, chronic health concerns, life transitions (e.g., “empty nest” and moving into adulthood), trauma (childhood, military), as well as other concerns. I also treat adolescents facing a wide variety of issues.
  • Clinical Experience: 10th Street Clinic; Omni Family Medical Clinic; Center for Veteran’s Issues; CORE; Family Services of Northern Virginia; VOCA Corporation in Washington, D.C.; Community Control Center of Charleston, S.C.
  • Consulting: I have been part of the successful credentialing process for several clinics in southeastern Wisconsin. I provide consultation for streamlining organizational processes to ensure successful credentialing. I also provide leadership training for organizations and individuals.
  • Speaking: I offer personalized seminars on a variety of topics. This has included keynote sessions at regional and national seminars, webinars, and in-person seminars. I currently offer sessions on co-occurring disorders, long-term recovery from chemical addictions, and family therapy. I also offer sessions for companies on leadership training and mission re-organization.
  • Coaching: I offer professional coaching on diverse issues to individuals, families, and organizations across the United States and Europe. Using either technology or in-person training, I have successfully coached families and companies toward achieving their true potential.
  • Education and Experience: Doctorate in Counselor Education, University of Maryland-College Park, MD
  • Masters in Community Counseling, The Citadel, S.C.
  • Retired USAF officer
  • Other Experiences: Currently serving as the Regional Vice President for the Mid-Central Region of NAADAC (The Association of Addiction Treatment Professionals); International Committee for NAADAC
  • Member of Mensa
  • Social science researcher with several publications
  • Other Interests: Family, spirituality, equestrian sports, exercise and nutrition, eclectic reading list, travel, cooking, and watercolor painting