Mequon Counseling Services

We serve children, teens, adults, and older adults in all aspects of their counseling journey.

We offer highly effective couples therapy, as well as individual therapy for substance abuse, sexual/internet addiction, depression, anxiety, life transitions (e.g., divorce), health/sports psychology, trauma (childhood, sexual, military), stress management, parenting issues, infertility, spiritual and other concerns. We also specialize in treating teens and children facing a wide variety of issues.

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How It Works

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Admitting we need help to face life's issues is sometimes one of the hardest things we will ever do. In this first call, we will find out more about what you need and how our practice can be of help to you. We seek to tailor our services to best fit your personality and what you are hoping to gain from counseling.
It is essential to find someone you connect with who can genuinely understand you and your situation. We will assist you in developing a therapist partnership with someone you can trust with your innermost thoughts and feelings. Our therapists have a wide variety of specialties, expertise, and backgrounds to match your unique circumstances.



Once we connect you with the appropriate therapist, we will help schedule your initial sessions. The first session will assist us in learning more about your obstacles, strengths, background, and goals, as well as giving you the opportunity to get a good feel for your therapist.
In the initial sessions, we will help in assessing your needs as you get to know your therapist. We find out what brought you to therapy, identify the obstacles in your life, and gain an understanding of your history, relationships, and other important aspects of your situation. Then, we help develop a plan on how to best proceed with your care.



Because mental health issues are personal and unique to each individual, developing a custom care plan to help with your needs is one of the most important aspects of our quality services. The plan is a tool used to focus your care to achieve the best results according to your specific goals and unique personal needs.
As you move through life, continued monitoring of your needs and goals will help you to experience optimal results. Life is full of stress, loss, grief, and other difficulties. After initial healing occurs with your most acute concerns, we will assist with continued care to equip you to address these new challenges in healthy and functional ways.


Meet Our Team

Lee Hildebrand, PhD (Licensed Psychologist, Clinic Director)

Lee Hildebrand, PhD

I offer highly effective couples therapy, as well as individual therapy for substance abuse, sexual/internet addiction, depression, anxiety, life transitions (e.g., divorce), trauma (childhood, sexual, military), spiritual and other concerns. I also treat children and teens facing a wide variety of issues.

Laura V. Kaae, PsyD, Psychologist

Dr. Laura V. Kaae

I offer therapy to individuals, couples, and families across the lifespan including children, adolescents, young adults, adults, and older adults for a wide array of concerns. I treat trauma (combat, military, family, sexual, etc.), anxiety, stress, depression, transition to adulthood, spiritual concerns, relationship concerns and other issues.

Jacob Behrens, MD

Jacob Behrens MD

In collaboration with Lakeshore Psychology Services, I offer psychiatric medicine treatment to a wide array of clients from high school teens through adults experiencing a range of mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.). I have particular expertise in the treatment of ADHD, and offer full service evaluation, testing, and treatment for these concerns.

Gisela Berger, PhD, LPC

Dr. Gisela Berger

I offer family therapy for adults, as well as individual therapy for chemical addictions (e.g., alcohol, marijuana, and opiates), long-term recovery; co-occurring disorders (mental health issues along with chemical addiction), depression, anxiety, grief, chronic health concerns, life transitions (e.g., “empty nest” and moving into adulthood), trauma (childhood, military), as well as other concerns. I also treat children and teens facing a wide variety of issues.

Michael Kemp, CSW, CSAC

Michael Kemp, CSW, CSAC

I offer state-of-the-art addiction therapy, including sexual addiction. I serve adults, adolescents, and couples. I help with anxiety, depression, grief, adolescent adjustment challenges, men's issues, relationship difficulties, parenting, school, peer relationships, career, and spiritual concerns. 

We Also Provide


We offer consultation to businesses, universities, schools, and churches on communication, logistics, leadership, and more. We can provide custom tailored speaking services on various topics (leadership, conflict management, marriage, career change, addiction, communication, gifted learners) and have been hired by businesses, universities, churches, youth camps, and radio shows to offer insight and inspiration.

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We offer professional coaching on personal, career, business, executive, and relationship issues to people across the United States. We utilize all aspects of our professional, business, and coaching experiences to assist individuals to clearly define a vision of the life they would like and help them to take active steps to maximize their potential across the life span.

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